Three Questions With Latavius

Posted by: Latavius Murray

This past weekend I was lucky to be interviewed by Omnisport to talk all things football, including our game in London, college football playoffs and more. Check it out below. 

Omnisport: As an offensive player, what’s it like to have a defense ranked fourth overall, eighth in sacks and that has 10 takeaways to help the offense?
Murray: "Those guys are really playing at a high level on that side of the ball. They give us a lot of chances to go out there and put points on the board. As an offense, we want to continue to light up the scoreboard so (opponents’) offenses have to drop back and throw the ball. We let our guys up front hunt and let our DBs do what they do best.
"Right now, we go hand in hand — keep them off the field as much as we can, and we know when they go back on the field, there’s a good chance they’ll be off soon."
O: What was that trip to London like?
Murray: "It was fun. I’ve been before (2014 with Raiders), and I think it’s the coolest thing when you can expand the game outside of the U.S. Football is a game that’s loved all around the world. When you get a chance to expand that to London or Mexico, we’ve been (2016 with Raiders), and give those fans a chance to experience it up close and personal, I’m sure they love it. To be a part of that is pretty cool."
O: The College Football Playoff ranking were released Tuesday night, and Central Florida, your alma mater, is still 18th despite being undefeated with a 28-point average margin of victory. If you could speak to the College Football Playoff committee about UCF and why the Knights deserve to at least be ranked in the top 10, what would you tell them?
Murray: "I would tell them to look at the numbers. Look at our offense and what we’ve been able to do. We’re the No. 1 scoring offense (48.5 points per game). Numbers don’t lie. We’re 8-0 with a high-scoring offense.


Source: Sporting News | Ron Clements | November 10, 2017