Murray sympathizes with Wentz situation

Posted by: Latavius Murray

The Minnesota Vikings are recovering from their first loss in 2½ months, but their primary competition for the No. 1 seed in the NFC – the Philadelphia Eagles – may have suffered a much more significant loss.

On Monday, it was confirmed what was being reported Sunday night, that quarterback Carson Wentz had sustained a torn ACL that will end the season of a frontrunner to win the league MVP.

From the competitive side of things, Wentz’s loss is a huge advantage for the playoff competition for the Eagles, a group of which the Vikings are first in line. But, there is no joy among the players.

Vikings running back Latavius Murray and Wentz have the same agent and Murray sent him a conciliatory text message praying for his speedy recovery.

Murray knows that injuries impact seasons across the league and Wentz is just the latest on a growing list of significant landscape-changing injuries this season – from Andrew Luck to David Johnson to Odell Beckham to Eric Berry to Dalvin Cook to J.J. Watt to Aaron Rodgers to Richard Sherman.

But, each one takes a toll on a franchise.

“Obviously there’s injuries every year,” Murray said. “There’s some key ones this year. But I just know it’s part of the game. It sucks, but I know it is part of the game. You can’t take the focus away from the guys that have stayed healthy and the guys that are still in it. But you definitely feel for those guys who went down, but you know it’s part of the game. It’s a tough, physical game.”

As someone who has endured the rehab regimen following an ACL tear, Murray knows that the process is long, lonely and painful.

He has offered what help he can provide, because, while opponents on the field, there is a fraternity among players that supersedes the competitive element of their occupation, which comes with clear and present dangers.

“You get a lot of support because guys that have experienced it and know what it’s like to be injured. I think guys just know, man. When you’re talking injuries, I think for me it’s always been a way to sit back and kind of reflect and you really appreciate the game a lot more, you appreciate everything a lot more because just in that instance, in a split second, I’m sure like when Carson went down, now you’re looking at a completely different kind of end of the year to this season,” Murray said. “So you just feel for that because just like that it can happen. So that’s why you just love the game as much as you can and live in the moment I think every single week, every single day of practice, because you just never know. Nothing’s promised for us. Yeah, we’ve been having a great year but I was in a situation last year with Derek [Carr]. We thought we had a promising season and something like that happens. So it’s sad that it happened, but it does and I’ve experienced it, sadly. Carson has too.”

With Wentz gone, the Vikings have moved ahead of the Eagles as the slight favorite by oddsmakers to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl. The Eagles will be going with backup Nick Foles, who, in many ways, is in a similar situation that Case Keenum was when he came in the replace Sam Bradford.

The sky didn’t fall and the Vikings have done fine since there was a QB changing of the guard. Murray doesn’t expect any difference from the Eagles in a similar situation.

“I think he was able to finish the game, close the game for them. A win is a win,” Murray said. “I think they’re a good team and I think you look at our situation with the quarterbacks we have, guys going down and guys stepping up. It starts with having a good team, a good group of guys in the locker room, as I know Philly does have that or else they wouldn’t be sitting where they are at 11-2 now.”

Whether Philadelphia gets on a winning streak like the Vikings have with Keenum at the wheel will play out in the coming weeks. But, while the field has been more than leveled for rivals of the Eagles, players who have been in the same situation empathize and sympathize.

Source: Scout | John Holler | December 12, 2017