Vikings’ Latavius Murray Finds Challenge, Reward In Photography

Posted by: Latavius Murray



Although I bring my full passion every time I touch the field, I also find a similar passion behind the lens of a camera. I'm just trying to find a way to allow the picture to tell the story. I’ve shot a graduation before, I’ve shot on the beach, I’ll shoot sports if I get given the opportunity. If I get the opportunity, I’ll shoot whatever I can. That’s when you’re gonna get that one dope picture. Right now my favorite work would be the picture I took in New York City. I was over in Brooklyn shooting, I had the New York skyline in the background, for Fourth of July, I was out there shooting all night, and to come down to the one picture that I was like, ‘OK, this is the one that’s worth it. You just take a bunch and a bunch, and you do things differently to get that one picture. And I think the coolest part about it is when you see the outcome. You see the quality of it, it’s like, ‘Man, I took that. I changed the settings, I changed the ISO, I changed the shutter speed, you know, just to get that perfect picture, and it’s kind of like your work. So you take pride in that, and I think that’s the coolest part about it.

Video cred: WCCO - CBS Minnesota